a simple to use, interactive test and visual full-stack platform delivered as subscription software on cloud or on-premise   


Consume out-of-the-box data analytics anywhere, anytime. Take advantage of rich domain content , pre-built industry metrics, stunning visualizations, and data adaptors for cloud/business applications as well as big data sources.


Build scalable analytics with a well-connected small data architecture. Assemble your analytics with simple data models over a period of time and use nanobi's neural metadata to acquire insights at enterprise scale.


nanobi's shared data platform provides the most unified views in the form of virtual information. Business users at all levels can see their organization's hidden insights at work by creating mash-ups "on the fly."


nanobi is a cloud-inspired, true multi-tenant platform that provides full security of the underlying data and analytics with delegated administration for different levels of users.


Hear What Our Customers Say About us

Nanobi brings a different and refreshing approach to managing and analysing Big Data. The Nanomart approach tremendously improves speed of implementation and at the same time improves quality of analysis of data streams.

Most analytics companies that we spoke to made analytics implementation sound like a 12 month exercise. Nanobi was like a breath of fresh air with their approach of two to three weeks for implementation. And what is more they actually delivered the modules in less than two weeks as committed. We also find Nanobi to be a very flexible tool with the user himself being able to customize analysis, views, screens as per his requirement without having to go back to Nanobi for each change. Overall, we are very happy with Nanobi.